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GB (Gravitic Boundary) System

The GB, or Gravitic Boundary, System is a life support device that allows the creation of comfortable gravitic conditions for crew as a means to prevent the onset of sicknesses and weakening caused by prolonged exposure to zero-gravity environments. While civilian starships could rely on centrifugal forces via rotation to generate functional artificial gravity, the starships of Solan Starworks were intended for the military, and would thus require a more compact and reliable solution that would not compromise maneuverability and be possible to employ using organic design systems. The solution came from a rather antiquated piece of technology that was used in the construction of the orbital elevator colonies' non-rotative observatories and agricultural domes.

GB creates precise bounded gravitic fields of varying strengths, between two or more rooms, allowing a person to comfortably walk around as if they were in planetary gravity and when not in contact with a floor surface, experience zero-gravity conditions. This also has the unintentional effect of proofing the insides of living spaces from scalar attacks from the outside, and vice-versa. However, scalar weapons inside of the field will still function normally.

The arrangement of Gravitic Boundary suites can vary between dual opposing surfaces, to sets of four, six or even sprawling habitation cylinders on capital ships.

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