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The Hlaraians are the colonists of the paradisaical world of Hlarai. Descended primarily from Curdatl, Ivuori and Eyr Ranr colonists, the Hlaraian colonial movement did not suffer from the environmental hazards that plagued the colonists of Maekardan or Mazerin. As a consequence, Hlaraians tend to be contended and easygoing, and relatively docile compared to the more fiery spirit of the Sund Wakir.

The driving forces of Hlaraian culture are not obligations, nor defined by the struggle to survive, but the search for a life free of suffering. It is in the gazebos verdant groves and balconies of crystal blue canal cities that Iromakuanhe philosophers, gurus and artists have given rise to new ways of thought. Whereas the Mazerinii communities have their cultural obligations to extend hospitality to travelers and a strong sense of duty and care to one another due to the constant stresses placed upon them by their harsh or fragile living conditions, the Hlaraians have a simpler course charted out, one of altruism with the goal of helping others and enriching the world.

Physical Traits

Color (Hair/Eye) Eyes Hair
White None Very Rare
Gray Rare Very Rare
Black None Common
Brown Common Common
Red Very Rare Very Rare
Orange Very Rare Common
Yellow Very Rare Rare
Blue Common Common
Violet Rare Uncommon
Green Rare Uncommon
Skin Color Rarity
Chalk White Very Rare
Brown (“Black”) Common
Rose Pink Uncommon
Flesh Common
Pale Purple Very Rare
Average Stats
Male Height 5'9“
Female Height 5'5”
Male Weight 150 Ibs
Female Weight 143 Ibs
Male Build Lean\Wiry
Female Build Slim\Wiry
Bra Cup Size A\B


General Behavior

They are well-meaning, jovial, spirited, and always welcome to company. Unlike Maekardanii and Mazerinii, Hlaraians often have an easy-going and relaxed air about them. Communities on Hlarai often enjoy new people simply for the sake of a good time. They may invite you in for a drink, but they don't expect you to stay.

Marriage Practices


Throughout most of the airship and ground communities, monogamous relationships are common amongst Hlaraians. The views between heterosexual, and homosexual relationships are equal, since most of them tend to have more liberal values than people from other planets. Relationships are less affected by class and upbringing and more on the basis on love and passion.

Familial Practices

Nearly all families consist of one or two parents with at least two or three children. However, some Hlaraian families foster more children if the can afford them. While family values are respected, they aren't as tightly knit like the Mazerinii. No single family on Hlarai keeps to themselves, which makes most communities and airships very close and responsive to one another. When confronting a Hlaraian, the are most likely to be identified better by their communities than their families.


Most influenced by Eyr Ranr, Hlaraians have no real qualms about homosexuality and most harmless fetishes. Most sexual relationship is dictated whoever the Hlaraian wishes, with no real style or respect to order.


Hlarai architecture is humble and traditional, lacking the modern and industrial themes of Mazerinii and Maekardanii architecture. Most of what is on the ground, usually coastal areas, is made with nice, open views of the Hlaraian coasts and seas. Most settlements are dotted with quaint villas and made from rich reds and earthy tans.

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