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 === Nomenclature Information === === Nomenclature Information ===
-**Organization:** Various, [[Temple Guard]], [[VIA|VIA]] +Organization: Various, [[Temple Guard]], [[VIA|VIA]] 
-**Government:** [[faction:iromakuanhe:iromakuanhe_astral_commonwealth]] +Government: [[faction:iromakuanhe:iromakuanhe_astral_commonwealth]] 
-**Designer:** Various +Designer: Various 
-**Manufacturer:** Various, [[Solan Starworks]], [[Altjira Biomedical]] +Manufacturer: Various, [[Solan Starworks]], [[Altjira Biomedical]] 
-**Name:** Clothblade (Various Makes and Styles) +Name: Clothblade (Various Makes and Styles) 
-**Type:** 'Smart Material' Blade +Type: 'Smart Material' Blade 
-**Role:** Concealable Weapon, Ceremonial Weapon+Role: Concealable Weapon, Ceremonial Weapon
 Length: Varies Length: Varies
-**Weight:** Varies +Mass: Varies 
-**ROF:** N/A+ROF: N/A
 === Weapon Mechanisms === === Weapon Mechanisms ===
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 === Other === === Other ===
-**Pricing:**   +Pricing:   
   * Heavy((Two-handed blade.)) Clothblade, 4000 KD   * Heavy((Two-handed blade.)) Clothblade, 4000 KD
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   * Light((Short blade.)) Clothblade, 800 KD   * Light((Short blade.)) Clothblade, 800 KD
   * Nutrient Packet, 80 KD   * Nutrient Packet, 80 KD
   * Spec2 [[Leyflar_Supercapacitor]] (80 KD)   * Spec2 [[Leyflar_Supercapacitor]] (80 KD)
   * Capacitor Recharger Kit (140 KD, free with purchase.)   * Capacitor Recharger Kit (140 KD, free with purchase.)

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