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HLS (Heavy Linear Superconductive) Rifle

The Heavy Linear Solenoid rifle is a So-KM1-1A Graiv VAHIN-portable heavy magnetic acceleration machinegun that accelerates high velocity 'darts' made of aggregated diamond nanorods doped with a moderate amount of a ferrous alloy. These rounds do not shatter on impact or make use of special penetration heads, but are instead designed to deform and penetrate heavy armor with a relentless onslaught of diamond-hard rounds. The weapon consist of four static barrels inside of a squarish casing, which alternate fire to prevent overheating of the barrel and solenoid assembly, and allow it to sustain prolonged bursts with a might higher rate of fire.

Because of the heavy recoil of the weapon, it is essentially impossible to fire accurately one-handed, and must either be held or braced by the VAHIN's off hand. The HLS Rifle becomes much more accurate when stationary with the extendable bipod is deployed, allowing the VAHIN pilot to even overcome the difficulties in aiming. This is thanks to stilt endings made of a material that can generate van de Waals interractions, allowing them to anchor onto smooth and uneven surfaces without too much difficulty. When firing from a prone or crouched position with the bipods deployed and the weapon braced to the ground or any solid surface, it is possible to fire two HLS rifles at once with satisfactory results.

Location: Handheld for Powered Armor Purpose: Anti-Vehicle Secondary: Suppression Fire Damage: Tier 7 or Tier 8, Light Anti-Mecha or Medium Anti-Mecha (FIXME: Staff needs to determine which)

Range: 17.9 KM in Atmosphere, Theoretically Unlimited in Space Rate of Fire: 1260 RPM Muzzle Velocity: 3200 m/s

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