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Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth

The Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth is culturally rich and established nation in the Iruotl System, in the far galactic north. It was founded centuries ago, after the human colonists of Maekardan ended a bitter long standing feud to the Makuori, the ancient residents of the world and defeated a mutual enemy, becoming a new race in the process. It defines it self as a sovereign, democratically run nation with a rich cultural heritage that goes back over a millennium with pacifistic intentions, and the desire to seek enlightenment in the stars, and the self.

Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth
The flag represents the union between the three worlds of the Commonwealth joined together by a common faith and people, but diverse in its culture and ways of life. This is shown by the three orbs tied together by the lunar-shaped band of light gold, flanked on its sides by a crescent and sphere in swirling blue.
Capital Maekardan
Population 37.12 Billion
Head of State Makuzhar Orin Suran
Government Type Representative/Direct Democracy
Formation AR 73 (BYE 832)
Current Year AR 942
Currency Kuon Dalri (KD)


There is much to look forward to in the Commonwealth and Iruotl System and below are the ways in which joining and contributing are possible.

Join Us!

Becoming a part of the Iromakuanhe player-base is a fun and rewarding experience that all benefit from.


Below is the culture, government, and military force of the Commonwealth.


Incorporated Species

The species of the Commonwealth are limited to the Iromakuanhe.

See: Random Iromakuanhe Generator (Male)


There are a number of non-sentient races among the Iromakuanhe planets. Below are the domesticated fauna, non-domestic fauna, and domesticated flora. All of which can be found in the Commonwealth.


There are several different companies operating in the Commonwealth. They are listed below.


There are several territories of the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth. They inhabit the planets within the Astral Cluster and have a small dominion over a part of the Blue Rift Expanse. Their sun, Iruotl, is a white hot star that shines over them.


The Iromakuanhe are fighting several of their own kind and cousins to them, of which are listed below:

Food and Drink

There is a lot to consume for the Iromakuanhe as they have built up a practice of enjoying their treats and delight in a good meal. Below is a list of some of the various food they enjoy.


Both recreation and pharmaceutical drugs can be seen below.


The Iromakuanhe people have set up several treaties with outside nations in the past. They are listed below.

Military Equipment

For a complete list of military equipment, see the link below. The Iromakuanhe have a vast array of weapons and uniforms at their disposal.


The Iroma have made colonies in which to live off-planet and thrive in. There are two types, but many of each design are strewn about the Iruotl System.


There is no limit to the technology Iromakuanhe can produce. Below is nearly all of that which they create.



Goods & Services

There are several different goods and services that the Iromakuanhe offer and they are linked below.

OOC Notes

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