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The following is an article on the culture of the Iromakuanhe and the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth.

The Ivuori are the foremost philosophers, scholars and scientists among the Iromakuanhe. They are composed of the descendants of the science and medical crew that came with the rest of the Saali expeditionary fleet. They are known for being logical, diplomatic and very progressive. Though the Sund Wakir may dislike them for having less spiritual approaches to religion, focusing more on matters of rhetoric and psychology that those of the soul, and the Curdatl and Eyr Ranr find them dry and a little stuck up at times, Ivuori are respected for striving for perfection in all things they do.

Physical Traits

Color (Hair/Eye) Eyes Hair
White Uncommon Common
Gray Common Common
Black None Rare
Brown Common Common
Red Very Rare Very Rare
Orange Very Rare Common
Yellow Uncommon Common
Blue Common Very Rare
Violet Rare Uncommon
Green Common Very Rare
Skin Color Rarity
Chalk White Common
Brown (“Black”) Rare
Rose Pink Common
Flesh Common
Pale Purple Uncommon
Average Stats
Male Height 5'8“
Female Height 5'8”
Male Weight 155 Ibs
Female Weight 145 Ibs
Male Build Slim
Female Build Slim/Lithe
Bra Cup Size A/B


General Behavior

Refined, curious and introspective, the Ivuori are occasionally described as snobbish, antisocial wallflowers by other Iromakuanhe. This is primarily due to their slightly isolationist tendencies, observable by nearly every Ivuori settlement essentially being scholarly enclave.

Marriage Practices

With no real reason to actually waste time with marital conventions, the Ivuori typically remain in couples and raise families, but do not marry in the traditional sense. Couples are typically formed by people that know they will be working together frequently, and have a good measure of compatibility, but convenience is always the main matter of importance. Children born are always almost out of wedlock, so the firstborn of a couple is the main inheritor.

Familial Practices

Ivuori families are typically nuclear in nature, with the two parents and two to three children. Once they have matured to their early teens, they typically take apprenticeships in the enclave, and will live with either their new master, or elect to remain with their families if it is convenient.


Ivuori culture itself is too concerned with matters of culture and knowledge to concern itself with the sexuality of its members. Simply put, it does not care, and accords the same rights to people of different persuasions.


Ivuori architecture is characterized by massive, sprawling towers covered in beautiful hanging greenery. The enclave builds a single tower cylindrical tower, and will add on new sections. Each structure is a elegant blend of rounded rectangular figured and finely carved lines.

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