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Joining and Contributing to the Iromakuanhe

Welcome to the Iromakuanhe race's recruitment page for the Star Army Roleplay Community. The Iromakuanhe race is an expansive and diverse faction confined to a single star system, at the dawn of a new age of exploration and colonization.

It is recommend that before you read further, if this is your first time to the site, that you read the New Players Guide 🔰. Once you have read the guide, or if you are an experienced roleplayer in the community continue reading this article.

About the Game Masters

Exhack is the primary Game Master and its primary Faction Manager. Something of a new guy on the online RP scene, he is especially sympathetic to the plight of new players on Star Army's expansive setting and is always fresh and full of ideas. He's generally everywhere, and is generally unbiased towards the factions in the site because he's played in most of them.

He is currently working on a new plot to revitalize the Iromakuanhe part of the site's roleplay. More information can be found here.

Active Plots

Click on the name of the plot you want to check out from the list below:

Name of Plot/Plotship Game Master(s)
Prakriti Apocrypha Exhack

New Players

The Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth is an old and established nation that is just now coming out of its shell and begun exploration outside of its homesystem. Their concerns are varied, simultaneously trying to preserve their long-standing peace and culture as the influences of the outside world begin to creep in, while also seeking a better future for themselves in the stars. Having already encountered the The Free State, they are well on their way to beginning relations with the established powers of the sector, but whether conflicts may arise or not is unknown.

To play an member of the Astral Vanguard, please consult the appropriate article in the Creating a Character.

Veteran Players

Due to a lack of secondary leadership, veteran RPers are more than welcome to present their plot and tech ideas. Bring you ideas to Exhack.

For the list of needed designs and other things that aren't finished yet, click here.

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