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LCPA (Light Charged Particle Accelerator) Cannon

The Light Charged Particle Accelerator, or LCPA Cannon, is a main weapons array found on most vehicles smaller than a starship. It uses a matter collection system that gathers light particles and gases found in most conditions and feeds them into an accelerator array. The matter is then excited and given an electrical charge before being fed into a MASC-based linear catapult. It is then fired out at supersonic speeds, where it inflicts potentially heavy damage to most targets. On impact, the contained particle beam spreads out, inflicting splash damage to nearby surfaces. It is very effective versus conventional materials, and disrupts shielding and electronic systems thanks to the charged properties of the particles.

Location: Vehicle-Mounted Purpose: Medium Anti-Mecha Secondary: Anti-Shield Damage: T8, Electrical Damage

Range: 5 KM in Atmosphere, 15 000 KM in Space Rate of Fire: One burst every 10 seconds of charging Area of Effect: 2 Meters Muzzle Velocity: .25c Ammunition 200 Particle Shots, Replenishes completely after 30 Minutes out of combat

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