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Homeworld: Unknown, possibly Maekardan

Home Nation: Unknown, currently Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth

Population: Unknown

General Information

A race of spacefaring psions native to the Astral Cluster, the Makuori are an ancient precursor race that predates much of present galactic society. What little is known about them is revealed entirely through the archeological record of worlds they once occupied and the relics they left behind, and indicates they were most active around the first Golden Age of the now-fallen Black Claw Star Empire. In these eons past, they seeded life on thousands of worlds and populated them with exotic fauna and flora, creating diversity from uniformity as a monument to the enduring power of life.

As a consequence of their haphazard colonization and drive to 'garden' worlds rather than form a dynasty, their society was likely never particularly stable. Whatever unified government they had collapsed thousands of years before its contemporaries, quickly succumbing to the pressures of protracted warfare and population decline. The fall of rival civilizations destroyed all record of their existence, and the relics they left; living weapons, ancient ruins and great megastructures; were buried or destroyed by the ravages of time. The survivors of this event fell back to one of their distant paradises, away from the savagery of the core, where they started anew and turned their cultivations onto themselves. The reason for their inactivity in this era is unknown, but is likely a consequence of their current state. Outside of the patronage of the Iromakuanhe, they have very little attachment to the wider universe and have long been forgotten by most.

In truth, very little is known about the mysterious 'Sand Dreamers' of Maekardan. Even their Iromakuanhe stewards are unaware of their origins or history beyond the vague messages found in the archeological record and the allegorical renditions of history that were handed down to them. Most Iromakuanhe worship them faithfully, revering them as the progenitors of their civilization, as surrogate ancestors and their greatest allies in a time of need. In fact, the relationship they maintain with their stewards is perhaps the only true legacy of theirs that remains, as the technology and central cultural mores of the Iromakuanhe were built from the remains of their civilization.

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