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Mazerin Free-trade Zone

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The Mazerin Free-Trade Zone (MFTZ) is an orbital megastructure in the orbit of the Mazerin. It was complete in late YE 36 and the open call permitting its use was made in YE 37.


The MFTZ is an enlarged O'Neill Cylinder, designed to very deliberately make very little use of any of the Iromakuanhe's unique technologies.

It was originally designed in order to facilitate interaction with foreign companies and investment within the territory of the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth. The commonwealth_merchant_trust is a majority stakeholder, while Ahmida Civiltech and the Sogol Group have partitioned the remaining shares. Despite typical regulations, it has been declared a special economic zone by the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth and is thus exempt from many legal restrictions imposed on economic activity and industry. Companies operating at the site are thus de-facto extraterritorial on the MFTZ but may have their permissions to operate revoked if any major criminal laws are broken by its employees or through their activities.

Size and Construction

The structure is composed of a set of counter-rotating cylinders approximately 113km in diameter and 452KM long, consisting of a rigid framework interlocking hyeprcarbon plates joined by millions of kilometers of thick carbon nanotube cabling. Habitable space consists of three slices of land seperated by three enormous arrays of sectional ARTC windows assembled in a hex-tile pattern, the six sections each of approximately equivalent size. The windows are adjoined by reflector/shade arrays that can shut over them to protect during military threats, but primarily exist to control the amount of light entering the megastructure to create a day/night cycle using natural light sources.

The interior features an artificial biome that emulates the climate of Hlarai, with an abundance of water and natural water and weather cycles. Although much of it is covered in water to encourage the cultivation of reiz and pisciculture to sustain the population, the local governing board allows residents to make use of watercraft to travel travel and permanent floating structures for habitation, possible through the use of foamed metals and other lighter-than-water construction materials. Canals exist between habitation sections, allowing seagoing ships to cross the gaps created by window sections and even travel between the two cylinders via special junctions. Cumulative habitable space on the pair structures is somewhere around 320,919 KM, the approximate size of Norway.

The two ends of the cylinders are devoted to spacedock functions and have some heavy industry to facilitate repairs. The Astral Vanguard maintains a permanent, but somewhat limited presence.


The large effort to provide food aid to Yamatai in YE 34 ultimately necessitated investment into orbital structures to support fleets departing to provide resources. Coupled with renewed interest in exchanges with foreign companies and a desire to create clear avenues for foreigners to visit the Iromakuanhe homeworlds, the MFTZ was chartered and slated for construction. It took approximately three years to build, and involved the reactivation of a large amount of orbital industry that had been left dormant for decades.

Carbon was primarily sourced by harvesting stellar mass with satellites and then processed into its various forms on-site, while most of the other components were produced by planetary facilities and shipped up by orbital elevator. Construction was completed in YE 36, and it was opened officially in YE 37.

Inside the MFTZ

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