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Mazerinii Mead

Mazerinii Mead is an undistilled alcoholic drink made from the unique honey produced by the Vuvuzambur native of Mazerin. Known as the 'Liquid Gold of Mazerin', it is perhaps the only thing from Mazerin that all Iromakuanhe will acknowledge as genuinely good, moreso than her people, industrial goods and various other cultural contributions. There exist a number of independent micro-brewers whose products run the gamut between light and sweet ales, to more bitter tawny drinks and rich golden wines. However, most mead purchased commercially is made by the Mazerin United Breweries, a large cooperative of industrial and a small-scale brewers who offer a variety of unique blends and styles of drink at a fairly low cost.

It should be noted that although the Vuvuzambur has a powerful digestive system, there is known to be a variance in flavor. Most commercial brew is made from industrial-grade honey, which tends to be higher in sugar content and a flowery or fruity taste due to the specialized diet industrial hives feed to the bees. However, the definite advantage to this is the assurance of quality. Although local and private meads may vary in flavor, the commercial brew can be counted on to always be much better than whatever a reclusive zamburkeeper is making in his bathtub.

Produced by: Mazerin United Breweries, Various Prices

  • Ale: 7 KD for 6 x 14 oz bottles or cans, 3% al
  • Moderate: 8 KD for 1 x 40 oz bottle, 8.1% al
  • Wine: 14 KD for 1 x 28 oz bottle, 13.2% al

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