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Mazrit Brandy

Mazrit Brandy is a sweet, thick and tawny liquid made from the fermentation of the Mazrit Bean, a plant found in abundance on Iromakuanhe worlds. It is something of a cross between the terran pear and Coffee bean in smell and taste, and contains an abundance of a potent caffeine-like stimulant. The resulting drink has a high amount of alcohol and stimulant, and often leaves the user a very alert drunk. The taste can be described as something akin to a pear soaked in Irish Cream.

Bottle (1l): 80 KD Flask (.5l): 45 KD


The drink is typically served in three ways:

Straight Served in a small round glass.

Hot The Mazrit is be brought up to a full boil, which cuts the alcoholic content in half, and is then mixed with cream and served in a mug. A favorite in colder climates.

Spiced and Iced The Mazrit is blended with cloves, honey and crushed ice, and topped with a cinnamon stick. Ideal for a hot day.

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