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Muted Resonance Shroud (MRS)

The Muted Resonance Shroud, or MRS, is a stealth system that uses a combination of Vector Shroud-Type space compression and exotic charged particles to create sections of space that appear very dim to sensors systems. Rather than the vacuous fields the Empty Resonance Shroud (ERS) generates, the area appears to be of very low energy content, like the space at a significant distance from a stellar body. However, when the field is placed under active scans, the muted return signal and reduced scanning range is a dead giveaway.

This system is typically employed to hide large masses such as orbital facilities, planetoids and fleets from scout craft and creating the ideal situation for ambushes. Unfortunately, the system is unable to disguise units at very close ranges.

Craft Type Detection Range Max Field Size
Powered Frame 250 M 1 KM
Starship 1 KM 500 KM

OOC Notes

Authored by Exhack and approved by Wes on May 15, 20081)

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