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Altjiran Nugoli Launcher

The Altjiran Nugoli Launcher is a biological weapons platform devised by Altjira Biomedical AR 928. The Nugoli is a weapon system designed to launch a payload of an engineered lifeform purpose-built for a variety of roles. It is distinguished by the fire and forget nature of the payload which will home in on marked targets from a distance of several kilometers, allowing an operator to fire from the move once the victim has been painted.

In order to have their breakthrough weapons project properly take off the ground, the company collaborated with Solan Starworks, which contributed the safety mechanisms and ergonomics for the exterior of the weapon.

Weapon Specifications

Nomenclature Information

Organization: Astral Vanguard Government: Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth Designer: Altjira Biomedical, Solan Starworks Manufacturer: Altjira Biomedical Name: Altjiran Nugoli Launcher (Aj-ANL-01a) Type: Biological Payload Launcher Role: Indirect Warfare Device Length: 29.19 inches Mass: 8.22 Ibs ROF: 480 RPM


The Nugoli Launcher is a sleekly designed composite and plastic weapon with ergonomic grips and a ~500 ml reservoir which contains the tailored lifeform in stasis. The gun is bulbous around the grip and ammunition system, tapering towards the front of the barrel, giving it a slightly pear or leaf-shaped profile.

Discharge Information

Projection/ammo type: Engineered Organism

Firing Mechanism

Two-Stage Mark/Launch System The Nugoli operates using tailor-made pheromones which are painted onto a target via marking laser, which carries the compounds at speeds that make transfer time effectively trivial. After marking the target, the Nugoli's opererator may then release the payload in a stream, which then pursue the target using the pheromenal tags. Each weapon has a specific pheromonal signature that is encoded into the cartridge once loaded in, preventing multiple operators from causing one another interference.

In addition, it is possible for the operator to launch the entire canister as a grenade-type projectile, before or after marking targets. In addition to the primary release of the hostile payload organism, the canister can also be made to release the tailored pheromone package it stores in airburst, saturating the point of impact with the marker agent. Use in this fashion requires the operator to manually reload each time.

Ammunition Information

Effective Range 544 Meters Maximum Range: 1355 Meters, marking laser had an additional range of ~3 km. Payload Range: The biological payload of the weapon is able to fly and pursue targets for a period of 103 hours, flying at speeds of 7 meters per second. Muzzle Velocity: 271 m/s Muzzle Blast: A biological payload is accelerated through the barrel. Swarms of the payload are noted to produce a harmonic buzzing sound. Firing Mode: Stream, canister fire. Recoil: Negligible, canister fire has light kick that requires the target to brace as if using an LAW system.

See Altjiran Nugoli Weapon Strains.

  • Shredder Strain: 100 Lifeforms per Canister
  • Impaler Strain: 100 Lifeforms per Canister
  • Neurotoxin Strain: 100 Lifeforms per Canister
  • Hemotoxin Strain: 80 Lifeforms per Canister
  • Tunneler Strain: 10 Lifeforms per Canister
  • Neurostun Strain: 90 Lifeforms per Canister


Field Maintenance Procedure: Wipe and clean after every mission to clear out biological debris, taking care to scrub the barrel down and all moving parts. Regular maintenance may also include decontaminating the targeting laser and ammunition system to prevent the tagging compound from contaminating the operator. Capacitors and some electronics may have to be replaced every few months of use.

Pricing: 1900 KD

Replaceable Parts and Components:

  • Power Regulator (110 KD)
  • Targeting Laser (410 KD)
  • Primary Mechanism (90 KD)
  • Safety Systems (290 KD)
  • Pheromone Cluster (300 KD)
  • Electronics (130 KD)
  • Casing (30 KD)
  • Ammunition System (80 KD)
  • Twin-Linked Ammunition System (190 KD)
  • Laiz Pistol Attachment (800 KD)


  • Nightvision Scope, 1-4×40 Zoom (270 KD)
  • HD Zoom Scope, 1-16×60 Zoom (350 KD)
  • HD Zoom Scope, 1-8×60 (170 KD, included with purchase.)

Additional Ammo:

  • Shredder Strain Canister (200 KD)
  • Impaler Strain Canister (110 KD)
  • Neurotoxin Strain Canister (400 KD)
  • Hemotoxin Strain Canister (500 KD)
  • Tunneler Strain Canister (800 KD)
  • Neurostun Strain Canister (140 KD)


  • Capacitor Recharger Kit (140 KD, free with purchase.)
  • Shoulder Strap (25 KD, free with purchase.)
  • Canister Holder, carries 3 extra canisters. (90 KD)

OOC Information

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