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The Orisreinig, or “Little Cleaner” was devised by Altjira Biomedical as an alternative to standard tooth brushing instruments. As such, it is intended as an oral cleaner, more specifically, for your teeth. As most toothbrushes leave small amounts of plaque, tartar, and so on behind, and is difficult to get those hard to reach places within the mouth sometimes, the Orisreinig was made to be the answer.

Like most things coming out of the corporation, the Orisreinig is indeed, biological in nature. In fact, it is a symbiotic life form made solely to clean your teeth, and keep them shiny, and healthy. The Orisreinig comes in its own little container within a suspension solution that keeps the symbiont in a state of hibernation until it is needed. When it is removed from its container, the Orisreinig will begin to awaken sensing the change of its environment. It is then placed on either your top, or bottom row of teeth in which it will conform to the unique shaping of your teeth to ensure maximum cleaning of the surface areas of the person's teeth. While it cleans your teeth, several small 'feelers' extend from its body, and begin to brush along one's tongue, removing plaque build up from the tongue surface.

The Orisreinig adheres to Iromakuanhe engineering philosophies, as nothing the Orisreinig cleans off your teeth, is wasted. Plaque, tartar and so on is digested, metabolized, and a clear, shiny fluid is secreted by the Little Cleaner upon your teeth, just as it cleans off the area. This fluid is a form of strengthening agent, and natural polish to keep an individual's teeth, healthy, shiny, and to help prevent wear, and tear. Another byproduct is the gas it exudes as a part of the metabolic and digestive processes. Along its body are a series of pores that will continually emit 'gas', however, Altjira Biomedical designed this function into the Orisreinig. The 'gas' it emits is in fact, what most humanoids refer to as 'Breath Spray'. While normally one receives a large dose fairly quickly, the Orisreinig continually releases this gas at a slow, and steady rate, ensuring no discomfort from the sudden burst of flavor that can sometimes stick to the back of one's throat.

Once cleaning is completed, the Orisreinig will crawl towards the front of the mouth, still attached to your teeth, to either be placed on another row, or to be taken off, and placed back into its container.

Please note: We here at Altjira Biomedical have ensured that the Orisreinig is a self-cleaning organism, to make your life, just a little easier, and to ensure no harmful diseases, viruses, or bacteria will be picked up from your Orisreinig.

The Orisreinig comes in several different colors, all semi-opaque. Each color represents a different “flavor” as in the natural gas the Orisreinig emits while cleaning. Green - Spearminty Flavor, Blue - Wintergreen, Yellow - Citrus, Rust Red - Cinnamonish-like (For that slightly spicy tingle.) Currently, Altjira Biomedical is hoping to expand the flavor base for larger, and more diverse offerings to the public. Any suggestions are will be of course looked over, and those we feel would be of benefit will enter testing.

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