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Prajna is a non-viscous suspension of nutrients and microscopic symbiotes that enables liquid breathing. It is primarily employed by Solan Starworks as a more efficient alternative to delivering nutrient solutions and oxygen separately to troops and as a recovery assistance substance for injured crew. The symbiotes themselves will also enter the bloodstream and eventually, the digestive tracts, where they will break down and purify waste materials, removing the need to use lavatory facilities and allowing troops remain in the field longer than what was previously possible with more conventional life support. Prajna is also reported to encourage healing and can restore tissues at speeds many dozens of times faster than the natural regenerative rate of an Iromakuanhe or stock human. It has been shown to be more efficient at healing tissue damage than regenerating limbs or lost organs, which is otherwise impossible for most species, including the Iromakuanhe. The effects of the liquid on Synthoid species such as Nekovalkyrja and Yamataians are unknown.

Organoids can be made to grow organs that produce and store it naturally on demand. Confirmed side effects are the inability to defecate or urinate for up to 48 hours, loss of appetite and slight weakening of the digestive track during extensive submersions, for many weeks at a time.

Healing Statistics
Injury Severity Type Time Required
Minor Small Cuts, Bruises 1-6 Minutes
Light Glancing Strikes, Cuts, Cracked Ribs, Sprains 12-36 Minutes
Moderate Gunshot Wounds, Light Burns, Stab Wounds 2-6 Hours
Severe Severe Burns, Fractures, Gashes 12-36 Hours
Extreme Loss of Limb, Disembowelment, Hemorrhaging 6-12 Days

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