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Project Starwinds

Project Starwinds is a multi-planetary superstructure construction project series, started in early AR 413, which involved the construction of multi-tiered solar rings which would house new population centers, industries deemed unsuitable for the surface and the energy to power the entirety of any one colonized planet.


While enjoying an era of economic stability and relative peace, the advanced genetics and medicine of the Iromakuanhe had resulted in an unplanned population bloom, which while viewed as a blessing by many, began to put a strain on the energy available to the populace. While fusion reactors at the time were becoming increasingly popular, the technology was unreliable and generally unsafe to use, and the mass-produced COFU (COld FUsion) Reactor was not perfected for another two centuries. The stop-gap measure was to rely on fission reactors and dump spent fissile materials on Maekardan's volcano moon, Fal Muzraim, relying entirely shipments of uranium from the excessively rich deposits of Mazerin.

While the expenses of feeding the crew slow STL transports made the price of energy climb at an unhealthy rate and the amount of uranium that could be mined by colonial prospectors was somewhat limited, the supply of energy was steady and adequate to maintain decent quality of life in the Capital. However, when minor trade disputes threatened to disrupt the arrival of new fissile material and the government could not afford to take any serious military actions in order to seize and regulate the supply, the decision was made to cure the people of the Commonwealth of their dependence on any kind of energy imports or exports. This would be achieved via the construction of a massive two tiered solar ring complexes which would be built on every inhabited world over the course of an estimated 50 years apiece, and while costing over half of the total GDP of any one planet to build, would be an investment that could be effective for thousands of years. As well as economic reasons, it was equally lauded as being a symbolic act, removing the need for petty colonialism due to the large number of new population centers it would create, as well as the infinitely renewable energy supply it would provide.

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Completed Project Phases

  • Project Life Culture, a mass terraforming system that would rely on deploying an orbital station governed by a Gaia-like intelligence that would seed barren worlds with life and process them to make colonization easier.
  • Project Star Islands, a project to relocate clusters of city-sized industrial, agricultural and population centers at gravitationally stable locations to ease the burden on planetary resources.

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