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The Raedhemites are a large sect of spacefaring Iromakuanhe who ascribe to particular ethos within the Dreamer Vigil, mixing mysticism, intercultural politics and a resolve to face the unknown things within space within their creed. They were founded at the dawn of the Second Space Age, when the MASC Drive was completed and promised a new era of space exploration, but the ascendant Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth refused to allow voyages beyond the homeworld system.

A charismatic figure known as Raeed Hemite rose up among the disenfranchised and impoverished space colonies of the outer rim, stealing MASC Drive technology for himself and his followers and founding a new nation that would be the launching pad for the Iromakuanhe's renewed exodus into the stars. By founding this Veyrin Kingdom, so named after the world where the miracle metal that made faster-than-light travel possible and succeeding from the Commonwealth, he set off the Second Outer System Conflict and the bloodiest of all civil wars the Iromakuanhe experienced.

Despite the black stain upon the sect's history, it has many practitioners among even core system Iromakuanhe, particularly within the Astral Vanguard. It preaches an ideology of active defense of the homeland, to venture out and colonize the stars to make a bulwark for the sacred homeland of Maekardan and to make peace through power when the ignorant will not accept words. Public admission of status among the sect is seen as a disgrace, though many particularly radical and charismatic politicians in the House of Speakers from Mazerin and the outer system colonies (particularly those of the Expansionist bent) have remained in office and even been re-elected while publicly admitting leanings towards the Raedhemites.



According to the foundational myths of the sect, Raeed Hemite was born the poor son of an outer system prospector on the icy world of Veyrin somewhere at the start of the AR 600's.


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