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Regenerative Beacon Flares

Regenerative Beacon Flares, or RBF's, are light mobile beacons pods similar to PASD Missiles, but serve as an anti-missile countermeasure in high speed combat situations, and as a distraction during infiltration. After being deployed, they will broadcast combined misdirecting EM and thermal signatures, and occasionally false IFF signals to draw away missiles and attention from enemy firing solutions.

Location: Vehicle-Mounted Purpose: Anti-Missile, Anti-Targeting Lock Secondary: Misdirection Salvo Size: 1, 2 or 3 Damage: MDR 1

Range: 25KM in Atmosphere, 15 000 KM in Space Rate of Fire: 1 salvo every 2 Seconds Area of Effect: 500M in Atmosphere, 2500 KM in Space Muzzle Velocity: Mach 6 in Atmosphere, .2c in Space Ammunition 36 Missiles Ammo Replenish: Can refill capacity in hospitable conditions in about 1 hour outside of combat. Any further attempts to refill will require an external source of biomass.

OOC Notes

Authored by Exhack and approved by Wes on May 15, 20081)

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