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Regenerative Canister Missiles

Regenerative Canister Missiles, or RCMs, represent a refinement in the technologies previously employed on the ERP system and Regenerative Beacon Flares. They are essentially PASDs built around a large canister that detonates into a dense cloud of electrically-charged particles, which disrupt electromagnetic forces in a localized area until they dissipate. This has the effect of jamming sensors and communications and reducing the power of energy weapons such as particle beams and lasers. With some clever planning, it could also allow the mecha pilot to effectively engage stealth even after being detected by making their immediate surroundings difficult to scan, and either switching to a silent running mode or activating stealth systems.

The cloud released by the missiles do not cause significant damage to shields or armor, and only cause discomfort and headaches in organics. Tissue ionization may occur if the person is continuously exposed for over 30 minutes.

Location: Vehicle-Mounted Purpose: Anti-Beam, Sensors/Communications Jamming Secondary: Misdirection Salvo Size: 3, 6 or 9 Damage:

  • Impact: MDR 1
  • Cloud: Tier 1, Light Anti-Personnel

Range: 20KM in Atmosphere, 12 500 KM in Space Rate of Fire: 1 salvo every 2 Seconds Duration: Cloud dissipates after 20 seconds. Area of Effect: 400M Muzzle Velocity: Mach 3 in Atmosphere, .1c in Space Ammunition 27 Missiles Ammo Replenish: With power supply from reactor, can refill capacity in hospitable conditions in about 2 hours outside of combat. Any further attempts to refill will require an external source of biomass.

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