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Repulsor Burst Field

Though not an entirely conventional shield system, the Repulsor Burst Field has become common fare on most military and civilian vessels in the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth since weaknesses in MASC Drives were discovered. While primarily resistant to effects such as natural gravity and artificial stabilization fields, the drive could be impeded by tractor beams and similar technologies. As to counter this weakness, Starwinds designed a complex repulsion field to 'knock away' these effects. Repulsor systems work by creating a temporary vector field, which at regular intervals can be overcharged and super-expanded, which generates an omni-directional concussive blast that is fully capable of causing tractor beams to disengage, and has numerous other effects. It is commonly used to force boarding craft away from hulls, knock away incoming projectiles and can potentially kill or disable poorly protected infantry with pure kinetic force.

Damage MDR 2
Bonuses Kills through kinetic force
Starships 20 Meters
Shuttles 5 Meters
Powered Frames 1 Meter

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