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RPF (Rotary Particle Flayer) Molecular Disruption Device

Commonly referred to by civilian miners and Astral Vanguard soldiers as The Drill, the Rotary Particle Flayer is an atomic disruptor, using matter acceleration fields similar to those used for the creation of charged particles to disrupt the bonds between atoms while a collection system retrieves and aggregates the disrupted matter into parcels of its constituent atoms. While typically civilian in its primary usage, the RPF is also used by anti-government forces as an alternative to the much more complex CIVWS, and many military hull breaching and anti-fortress penetration devices use variants. It is, however, a difficult weapon to manage, as the gyrating field it produces can disassemble emitters composed of a wide variety of substances, requiring specialized high-grade metamaterials.

Location: Vehicle Mounted Purpose: Mining Secondary: Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Mecha Damage: Varies (T5 - T10)

Range: The RPF has a max range of three meters Rate of Fire: The RPF takes 24 seconds to spin up and achieve optimal particle density

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