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Ruah Stealth Suit

The Ruah Stealth Suit was first envisioned in AR 934 as a means for the Vanguard Intelligence Agency to conduct stealth and assassination operations with the upmost discretion. However in AR 935, research and development were increased twofold as the New Veyrin Republic began its genocidal war with the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth. It however would not see use until early AR 938, the first test units showing remarkable promise. With the test units working within prescribed safety margins and operations the Ruah was put into production.

Principally the Ruah is a stealth suit created by the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth for use in espionage and target elimination by the Vanguard Intelligence Agency.


The Ruah appears as a skintight, non-reflective black suit with ribbed lining upon the outer thighs, and lower abdominal area. It comes with a non-reflective black helmet, the visor is tinted with a smart coating to allow polarizing against bright flashes or to merely conceal the wearer's identity. The helmet itself has 'Horns' on either side to accommodate the Iromakuanhe's horns and some of the suit's equipment. The rear of the helmet is somewhat elongated to also bear some of the communications and sensor systems.

Critical Combat and Mission Systems

General Information
Primary Faction User Vanguard Intelligence Agency
Primary Manufacturer Solan Starworks
Initially Produced AR 939
Latest Production Run AR 940
Unit Cost 95,800 KD
Weight 1.81kg
Armor Rating Tier 3 Armor

The systems and construction of the Ruah are listed and detailed below.

Suit Construction

The Ruah is constructed from a number of smart fiber and metamaterials interwoven with strands of Veyrinite as well as strong, and resilient carbon-nanofibers. Underneath these materials is a sandwiched layer of suit systems including a light Organoid-type Substructure that allow the suit to generate and utilize various stealth, and other systems with connections to the outer layer's Veyrinite weave.

Power System

Power is provided by two Leyflar Supercapacitors as the primary source which are located on the lower back of the suit, while the subject's body heat and own bio-electric fields provide a limited recharge should the suit's systems be offline by interfacing with the Iromakuanhe's own entry ports. Primary recharging methods tend to be wireless, but the Supercapacitors have universal connectors within the suit which can be hooked into various power sources for a more efficient recharging method.

Computing System

The Ruah fields a Miniature ANIOS to perform the majority of the computational, and working needs of the suit. However with the Iromakuanhe interfacing with the suit be it to help recharge the supercapacitors however inefficiently, this interface serves the dual purpose to allow the Iromakuanhe to link with other systems of the Ruah. This connection allows the user to seamlessly utilize the suit without verbal or somatic commands.

Sensor Systems

While lacking sophisticated sensing equipment, the Ruah does however have limited sensor functionality. Primarily Thermal, Motion Detection, Aural and Imaging sensors built into its helmet with ranges up to around eighty yards for the Thermal, Motion Detection and Aural sensors. The imaging suite however has a magnification range upwards to a kilometer and a half. These systems are primarily within the helmet of the wearer with some of them around the neck areas or back of the helmet. Once the helmet is worn, the systems connect to the main HUD of the helmet for use.


The Ruah is fitted with Encrypted Radio, limited Laser and Microwave systems. These systems take up a small portion of the helmet's 'Horns' as well as being partially built into the suit's Organoid substrate and the back of the helmet.

Communication System Type Broadcast Pattern Range Detectability
Laser Visible EM Directed, Requires Line of Sight 80 KM Low
Radio Visible EM Radial 75 KM Medium
Microwave Microwave Emissions Directed Area 65 KM High

Helmet Systems

As stated in other portions of this schematic of the Ruah, the Helmet contains several key systems. Both sensing and some communication equipment is built into various parts of the helmet, primarily where the 'Horns' are located and the back of the helmet. The visor is coated with a smart film which can polarize to ward off bright flashes of light, to hide the wearer's identity and bio-luminescence of their eyes. This tint can be lightened to allow one to see the wearer's face should they so desire. The interior of the helmet contains a built in one-way view of the HUD which typically shows suit readouts, various sensor information, communications should they be in use and targeting acquisitions. The helmet comes stock with a built in respirator to allow the Ruah to operate in vacuum thanks to the Organoid-layer's life-support functions upwards to three hours for those Iromakuanhe with full symbiotic enhancements or its equivalents, or an hour for the unaugmented. The respirator also serves to help filter out potentially hazardous contaminates.

Suit Stealth Systems

Thermo-Optic Camouflage

Bends light to seamlessly render the user invisible to the naked eye, the Thermo-Optic Camouflage systems are the Ruah's first line of defense in being undetected. Part of the effect is achieved by electrical stimulation of the woven Veyrinite to build a conformal, attenuating field about the suit. While the built in metamaterials are also stimulated and being smaller than the wavelength of light, the ensuing fields are guided to bend the rays of light around the suit in three dimensions. The electrical stimulation is low enough to be relatively undetectable.

Temperature Conforming System

With the Organoid-type Substructure providing life-support functions to the suit, it can also control the ambient temperature in and around the suit's outer layers to conform to the background making it difficult to detect with Infrared Sensors while making it a little uncomfortable for the wearer in possible extreme changes.

Aural Dampening

Built in, and somewhat limited GravElectric (GE) Lifter technology is employed in miniature to lighten the footsteps of the individual to allow for greater ease of passing undetected by aural sensors and pressure sensitive systems. With its inherent limitations. As an added caveat, the Lifters can also act as a buffer should the wearer fall from great heights by cushioning their landing in conjunction with the Iromakuanhe's own innate ability to make difficult landings from heights by way of a liquid-gel filled with nitrogen bubbles in their joints. Heartbeats are dampened by the layered materials of the suit.

Scentless Material

In a world full of various scents both good, bad and horrifically gut churning, they may stick to the clothing of anyone blessed and or unlucky enough to come across them. With the inclusion of silver nanoparticles, the Ruah is scent free as the odor particles are unable to adhere to the cloth itself. This however has the effect of increasing the overall price of the suit due to the inclusion of however small the amount of precious metals.

Lorentz Force Gripping System

Much like the more expensive Sky Boards, the Ruah comes equipped with Lorentz Force1) attractors in the soles of the suit's boots, knees and hands. These allow the wearer to cling to surfaces as needed to get the drop on would be targets, or simply to blend into the background with the suit's other systems.

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