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Homeworld: Nepthyer

Home Nation: Sahaad Confederacy

Population: 24.4 Billion

General Information

The Sahaad are a space faring race and descendants of the ancient Saali Nomads and cousins of the Iromakuanhe. While much has changed over the course of a millennium, the Sahaad as they are now called have retained much of their forebears' disposition both genetically and culturally. Originally the were little more then a small portion of the grand fleet that was scattered to the winds of the Rift Frontier. Lucky to have seemingly survived that harsh and unforgiving event, those few that did found a new home within the Astral Cluster. Too stubborn to die the Sahaad etched out a living eventually growing to become as they are now, a race of warlike raiders.

Some of the unlucky denizens of the Cluster have come upon the remnants of their passage. An example being when they greedily plunder the natural resources of entire solar systems without a care. Others know them as brutal and efficient raiders that cause both convoys and outposts to go dark. No one knows why they do these things or how they seemingly have such a long reach across the stars. Only that they should be mindful and tread with care.


Overall the Sahaad appear as tall and lean humans with a few different variations of skin tone, hair and eye color versus their Saal ancestors normally dark hair and complexions.

Physical Traits

Color (Hair/Eye) Eyes Hair
White None Uncommon
Gray Uncommon Uncommon
Black None Very Common
Brown Common Common
Red Common Very Common
Orange Rare Common
Yellow Uncommon Uncommon
Blue Common None
Violet Rare None
Green Common None
Skin Color Rarity
Chalk White Very Rare
Brown (“Black”) Common
Rose Pink Uncommon
Flesh Common
Pale Purple None
Average Stats
Male Height 6'1“
Female Height 5'7”
Male Weight 170 Ibs
Female Weight 134 Ibs
Male Build Athletic
Female Build Toned
Bra Cup Size B-C


(Note: Any body systems not listed act exactly like they would do in humans.)


The Sahaadi have heightened metabolism as a result of genetic experimentation and mutation over the course of centuries. The result is that they are able to produce natural antioxidants quicker and process toxin buildup in the body faster. While they are much more active due to a higher metabolism they also require food with more caloric value as they burn energy faster and age more quickly then normal humans. But this also means in par their digestive systems have had to become more efficient in processing foods in an attempt to wring every viable ounce of nutritional value out of what they eat.


While normally their lifespans would have decreased due to an increased metabolism it is through genetic therapies that they solved this problem. By extending the Telomeres within their DNA to compensate. With this their lifespans have increased to slightly surpass that of normal human stock to that of one hundred years.

Zero Gravity Tolerance

A byproduct and genetic inheritance from the Saal. Normally the muscle and skeletal structures would begin to atrophy (As well as other problems) as a result of extended periods of weightlessness. The Sahaad however have proven to be resistant to the deleterious effects of zero-g as the body reorients itself to operate within the weightless environment. Some of the effects are little to non-existent while others still persist albeit to a more limited degree. Such is the case of muscle atrophy; so while the effects take longer to show it is still required to do some exercise.

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