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Seddir Workshops

Company Statistics
Established AR 819
Employees 920
Associated Factionstemple_guard
Nomenclature IDSoW-
NicknamesSeddir, Holy Forges of Seddir

About the Seddir Workshops

“In Holy Seddir are made the sanctified weapons of heroes and martyrs. ”

The Seddir Workshops are a private arms manufacturer subsidized by solan_starworks that creates weapons for temple_guard's exclusive use, given unique rights to certain technologies and styles of unit that are manufactured in-house. The Workshops are a not-for profit organization that is maintained through donations from the people and funding from the Ministry of Faith. It's primary operators are civilian residents of the Temple Guard holy city of Seddir as well as a number of retired Guardsmen at the end to long lives of service who have elected to not receive life-extension procedures to prolong their lifespans.

Seddir specializes in symbiotic technologies but favor physical enhancement and improvement over the addition of new abilities, and also produces a number of ceremonial and symbolic VANDR units that see occasional usage during conflicts. The workshops are also known for their hand-detailed and designed blades, ceremonial clothing and armor, although construction of higher technology devices is generally still done through automated systems as with conventional people industry.

Corporate Goals

  • To provide the temple_guard with cutting-edge equipment.
  • To explore the design of beautiful, functional and elegant devices of warfare, and continue the martial traditions of the sund_wakir.


  • Office of the Master Crafter (Administration)
  • Office of the Chief Physicist (Physics Labs)
  • Armorer's Guild (Manufacturing)
  • Artisan Guild (Detailing)


Products and Components



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