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Seigan Solutions

Operation: Seigan
Seigan Solutions
Headquarters Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia
Established AR 936
Recruitment Volunteers from Astral Vanguard and VIA
Total Personnel 570
Active Duty 570
Reserve 0

About Seigan Solutions

Seigan Solutions is a private military company with a strong ethics codes that is primarily interested in acquiring wealth and information. It operates a mercenary unit, but only takes jobs after extensive scrutiny and confirmation that the proposed operations is an 'ethical job'.


Funded by the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth as a means to explore and gather information on the various other factions in the sector without needing to reveal itself to them, 'Seigan' is the tentative name of a Vanguard Intelligence Agency-led reconnaissance group that intends to pose as mercenaries to gauge the ideology and power of the various nations in the denser 'core' of known space. Composed of ex-military starship operators, frame runners and general infantry, as well as a number of embedded Vanguard Intelligence Agency agents and SOF volunteers, the Seigan are meant to be the eyes and ears of the Commonwealth in the 'turbulent frontier' that it perceives the core systems to be.

Seigan agents originally transported their equipment and personnel in stasis through anonymous 3rd cargo carriers and runners, largely Freespacers, and then assembled everything onsite in neutral space. Traveling north and fleeing NMX attackers, they claimed refugee status in Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, they found their own PMC agency and registered it on legal networks, using allied hackers to retain high anonymity and avoid raising suspicion.

Seigan has yet to undertake a high profile mission to date, and has largely pursued civilian activities using their modified Ac-L2-01b Ys-class Trawler, the ISC Keren and carried out escort missions for nervous cargo haulers.

General Information



All Operation: Seigan personnel have voluntarily been transplanted into modified Lavans-type bodies with certain modifications to their external appearance, reducing the horns to small bony flutes that resemble elven ears.



Seigan-issue Erla VANDR II “Shinobi”2) Seigan-issue So-M3-1A Haidan VANDR “Berserker”
Operation: Seigan



  • 900, 000 DA

OOC Notes

Approved here.

Lit. just painted red.
Red 'hair' retracts for combat.

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