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Iromakuanhe Sensors Technology

Being a spacefaring society, the Iromakuanhe need sensors suites to make any form of travel feasible. Of these, include conventional LADAR, thermal sensors and SONAR systems, common technological staples. As well, the employ some more exotic systems that rely on high-energy accelerated particles or the detection of phenomenon rarely found in nature, such as rifts in space/time and space compression effects. The systems listed below are manufactured by Solan Starworks, and common fare on all Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth starships.

The following is a list of Sensors Systems used by the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth:

Sensor Type Detection Method/Pattern Range (Starship) Active/Passive Range (Powered Frame) Active/Passive Detectability Active/Passive
Vector Wave Sensors Spatial Flux, Radial 4 AU / .5 AU .5 AU / .1 AU Active Only
Subspace Mass Sensors Mass and Movement, Radial 6 AU / 1 AU 2 AU / 1 AU Active Only
LADAR Laser, Directed Area 400 000 KM / 300 000 KM 200 000 KM / 150 000 KM Moderate/Low
RADAR Radio Waves, Radial 150 000 KM / 50 000KM 75 000 KM / 25 000 KM High/Moderate
MASC Particle Scanner MASC-Enhanced Particles, Directed Area 8 AU / NA 6AU / NA Very High
Thermal Sensors Heat Signature, Directed Area 2000 KM 500 KM None

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