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Solan Emergency Systems

Interlocked Shutter Doors

Solan Starworks ships feature circular doors made of toughened Aerudirn at certain sections, that will rotate inwards and close themselves shut to prevent loss of atmosphere. To create an airtight seal, the individual colonies that comprise each door segment will automatically bond themselves to eachother, and engage their passive energy fields to reduce damage from debris and rogue projectiles. When engaged as such, these will literally alter their electrical fields to create a visible warning message and will lack the visible cracks or openings they will have while unlocked. Because they are organic in nature, these shutter doors and their interface will continue to function even if local or ship power has been disabled, by drawing power from the ship's natural bioelectrics.

Standard on all Solan Starworks starships.

Aerudirn Autosealing

The organic alloy Aerudirn, known for being pliable, able to move on its own and fantastically durable is able to naturally spread itself thinner to seal breaches, at the cost of temporarily decreasing hull local integrity. The extent of this ability is such that the ship, could at the very least, close any minor or major breaches in several minutes when a suitable amount of ship resources are available (usually outside of combat).

Effectively on all Areudirn armored ships.

Breach Shields

Breach shields are an emergency shield system activated only when there has been a significant breach in the hull of a vessel, which create an electrostatic/electromagnetic field the moment the section is ruptured so that it can be evacuated and depressurized. Ships with breach shields have hulls filled with a honeycomb of energetic cells attached to shield emitters, arranged in a redundant manner so that only the most massive of breaches are completely unsealable. If a large area of hull is destroyed or cut out, the breach shields initiate creating a temporary, mid-level shield using the intact honeycomb sections surrounding the opening. If a section is broken, surrounding cells have to reroute and redistribute power to maintain shield integrity. It is only fitted on ships of a cruiser or larger class, and is generally considered to be too expensive and resource intensive to fit on every large ship.

Found only on cruiser and capital class vessels.

Shield SP: .1 of Hull Maximum Runtime: 120 Minutes


Many vessels feature integrated firefighting countermeasures, most frequently in the form of nozzle tendrils connected to large organs filled with a flame retardant Prajna-based foam that will sequester flames and facilitate repairs to damaged sections. In the case of ships of a cruiser or larger class, the ship may feature multiple bays or hives of foot-wide spherical repair drones with their own miniaturized anti-incendiary systems.

All vessels feature integrated retractable anti-incendiary nozzles at key locations, such as doorways, maintenance ports and control pannels.

Cruiser and capital-class vessels also feature dedicated bays that contain swarms of repair drones equipped with their own nozzle systems.

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