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Standard Crew Shrine

Standard Crew Shrines on Astral Vanguard ships are a medium-sized rooms that vary to the size of the ship so that the Iromakuanhe crew can sit comfortably along with a Shrinekeeper. Like Base Shrines situated in forts, outposts, and starports, these Shrines are stylized with squarish walls, and decorated in a style that is like those of Sund Wakir monasteries. However, a Crew Shrine is often subject to the tastes of the Shrinekeeper or Steward in charge of maintaining the shrine.


Makuori Statues

Like most Base Shrines, a Crew Shrine will have a statue honoring the image of each Makuori saint. These statues will vary in size, depending on who supplies the statues, but most are around five feet in height. Another factor concerning the statues would be the kind of ship's Crew Shrine they are being placed. Some statues will be a bit taller or larger than others, like a battleship having larger Jafar, Mu'Klamal, and Abu'Nal statues than the others present.

Meditation Pillows

This small, circular sitting pillows are extremely comfortable and are mainly only found in Shrines and Cathedrals. The amount of Pillows usually dependent on the size of the crew on board.

Nuocr Incense

At the center of the shrine, where a Nuocr lamp would usually sit, are several sticks of Incense. These sticks are usually lit during meditations, blessings, counsel, or just when the Shrinekeeper feels it's appropriate.

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