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Iromakaunhe Standard Engineering Bay

The Engineering section of Solanii designs conform to the norms of ship design philosophy. Instead it acts as a rather straight forward 'hub' filled with lifts, and hallways between the various important ship systems. The routes are direct,and well marked for the mechanists to easily reach their destinations with the upmost possible alacrity. Along the way are various panels, and displays to assist the mechanists in their repair and upkeep of the ship's systems. The lifts however are nothing more then simple hand lifts which allow quick exits, and boarding. Overall, this design philosophy is designed to increase rapid response time by getting on the scene quickly, and efficiently. Larger warships include Prajna and synovial fluid filled capillaries in which mechanists are required to 'dive into' with specialized suits to repair damage from within. These capillaries are found throughout the ship pumping the fluids to all portions of the vessel.

Chief Mechanist's Station

This is where the Chief Mechanist sends their subordinates off on their daily duties, or during combat operations. It is a simple, but well-equipped station, allowing the Chief Mechanist to remain in contact with those they send out, and keep an eye on the ship's systems. Entry Port Access upon the station is available if necessary, allowing the Chief to increase their response times to the various nuances of their jobs, during combat situations and above all, keeping their mechanist subordinates organized and on task.

Fabrication Bay The Fabrication Bay is the manufacturing area of large warships. Currently the So-C1-2a Vajra-class Cruiser is the first vessel to feature mobile construction systems, and as such has a more limited capacity for assembly and construction. Its main purpose is to assemble stored components into replaced VANDR units, although it is also able to manufacture a limited number of replacements for the ship's inorganic components. Construction times vary, although is generally takes at least 30 hours of operating one of the bay's six workshops to replace a single VANDR of any type.

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