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Standard Movement Assist Hallways

Movement Assist Hallways are a hallmark of Solan Starworks vessels, being standard hallways similar to those found in atmospheric gravity environments, with a trio of glowing two inch blue strips, spaced half a foot apart on both walls. These hallways use van de Waals interraction1) on a 'smart' liquid crystal panel which can cycle 'holding' and 'free' fluid in a loop, allowing the user to be pulled forward in zero gravity. To disengage, the user simply has to clench their fist, causing the 'smart' material to disengage. The force exerted by these is insufficient to pull the user forward in gravity. Following Iromakuanhe aesthetic sensibilities, the hallways have rounded, arching ceilings and smooth, glossy eggshell-like paneling, in a soft earth tone.

User Notes

  • Only active in zero-gravity environments.
  • The right-hand side moves forward, the left backwards in relation to the user.
  • Press palm flat to activate, clench into a fist to release.

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