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Standard Simulation Bay

The simulation bay can be found upon most larger ships within the Astral Vanguard owing to the need to keep their soldiers, and frame runners at their peak performance. Onboard equipment compliments can vary from ship class to ship class depending on space alloted. All Simulation NI are tied into the central NI of the ship in which the commander can be updated on their personnel's performance by the Central NI, with recommended improvements.

Note: Numbers of Immersion Pods defer from ship class to ship class.

(12) Immersion Pod

Exact duplicates to the real pods used within the So-M1-1A Erla VANDR. They're done in this way to re-acquaint, or acquaint frame runners to their machines. The pods are tied into a central VCANIOS Core that will run various simulated scenarios for each runner either solo, or in squad based formats. Scenarios and sorties can be chosen at random by the NI, or via the on-duty trainer should one be available.

(2) Firing Range

Note: All firing range automation is handled by a centralized CANIOS Core that is tied into the main network.

Main Range

The firing range typically includes anywhere between six to fourteen stalls per range. Targets are made of transparent plastic with an OLED interactive coating indicating where the shot hit. Range can be set for the targets via a control panel upon the stall wall. Each stall also includes a faux version of the Solanii Laiz Pistol, Solanii Laiz Carbine and Solanii Laiz Rifle. Selection begins by inputing which of the weapons a person will be using and then begin their round, score is calculated at the end of the round.

Moving Target Range

Within the firing range is a separate compartment to the main firing stalls. Inside the room it is vacant save for a rack along the wall holding various faux laiz weapons with the capability of the room forming various obstacles to provide cover and hiding spots. The moving target range contains a series of floating drone targets that work off the gravity systems of the ship, and are controlled by the Anios. Hitting the target scores a point which can increase depending on the difficulty setting of the round. Missing can and will result in point deduction and will factor into the final tally. Higher difficulties also include the drone being capable of firing a electrostatic pulse at the shooter for missing as a gentle reminder of the consequences of missing in a real encounter.

Such scenarios can be enhanced by bringing in others and help further develop squad based tactics as multiple drones would then be launched.

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