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Standard Astral Vanguard Wardroom

The Standard Wardroom is an officer's dining and recreation room found on most of the Astral Vanguard's destroyer, cruiser and capital class ships, consisting of a hookah lounge, bar and large dinning tables. The shaping and aesthetic appeal is typically Iromakuanhe, with earth tones, smooth rounded paneling, but reflects more traditional cultural influences with the use of soft, intricate carpeting and a more decorated look. Symbols of patron Saints, unit banners and honors to the ship adorn the walls, and much of the character and history of a Vanguard vessel can be seen in its wardroom, and the styling of the furniture and surfaces is notably ornate compared to the Mess Hall frequented by the enlisted crew.

Kitchen Elevator

A small elevator connects the Wardroom to the Mess Hall Kitchen, allowing officers to place orders and have their meals brought to them without having the occupy the halls with trolleys and couriers. Unless the ship is in combat readiness or running low on supplies, the privilege of placing personal food orders tends to be available at all times.

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