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Treasure Trove Frozen Treats

“A little taste of Mazerin when the sun's gotten you beaten.”

Treasure Trove Frozen Treats are a recently founded fast food company that sells a variety of chilled dairy and non-dairy confections from mobile street vendors and a few booths and stores. Similarly to the BEST KEBABS company, it uses a licensing model where the parent company only provides resources, training and corporate branding to the vendor in exchange for a percentage of profits. Most of the street vendors are effectively self-employed and self-sufficient, only communicating with the Sogol-run parent guild to pay their tithes. Treasure Trove refers to the planet Mazerin, which means 'place of treasures' in the Iromakuanhe language.

The guild and brand were developed in AR 925 as part of a public initiative to catalog the various styles of frozen confection across Iromakuanhe space. The scholars who participated in the archiving decided to promote them more aggressively as a form of intercultural exchange between the different ethnic groups, and found funding from the monolithic Sogol Group.

The brand has just recently attempted to enter the markets of other nations, particularly the Yamatai Star Empire (YE 36), the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia and the Abwehran Star Empire due to the large populations and potential markets available. Localizing the brand to incorporate local flavor and concepts of 'treasure' mean that some vendors might adopt styling and marketing of old-school space pirates, hire artists from the fledgling Kyoto art scene or incorporate baroque Abwehr deco. The company is naturally very popular in the Commonwealth, particularly on Maekardan where the white sun is naturally hot enough to blister the skin of non-Iromakuanhe in just a few minutes of exposure at the scorching equator. The brand is not quite as ubiquitous as BEST KEBABS, but much beloved.

Management Style: Licensing Guild

  • Cones: 1 KD. A single scoop of treat on a tasty cone of choice. A second scoop is an extra 1 KD.
    • Frozen Custard: Thick and creamy, using a base of eggs. Remains thick even as it melts, and tends to use chocolate and other flavors that lend themselves well to custard.
    • Frozen Yogurt: Light, low-fat and airy, with a wide variety of flavors.
    • Gelato: Dense, sweet and with a variety of flavors. Tends to remain frozen the longest of the four options, and favored by Iromakuanhe.
    • Granita: Sweet ground ice. Grainy, crystalline and incorporating fruit flavors rather than chocolate or vanilla.
  • Dishes: 3 KD. A large portion in a biodegradable bioplastic cup, approximately 3-4 scoops. Served with a spoon, or several as requested.
  • Carry-home Portions: 8 KD. An insulated canister designed to suit local food storage, approximately 1 full pint.
  • Specialty Items: Varies by type.
    • Self-Powered Container: 50 KD. A cooler for storing frozen treats that uses solar energy and a well-insulated housing to keep the contents cool, holding one carry-home portion. Bringing one of these containers to a vendor lowers the price to 7 KD. Lifespan is roughly one year before it needs to be replaced.
    • We'll Freeze Anything: Only 15 KD, 40 KD for a carry-home tub! A special machine on-site can be used to convert any flavorings brought by the customer to one of the frozen treat types on offer. Items allowed based on vendor discretion. Popular flavors may be turned into new regional varieties.
    • Ice Cream Cake: 10 KD. Made-to-order via 3D printing device that squirts frozen treat and constructs layers of flavor for the client. Official flavors only.
  • Drinks: 2 KD.
    • Float: A single portion of icecream on a bed of fizzy drink, usually sweet or alcoholic1). Cold-brewed coffee is a favorite among Iromakuanhe.
    • Shake: A single portion of icecream blended with a dairy or creamy non-dairy liquid to produce a smooth, sweet drink.
    • Slush: Like a granita mentioned above, except thinner and more liquid. A scoop of frozen treat into the slush is an extra 1 KD.

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