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Ac-L1-01g Ur-class Ferry

The Ac-L1-01a Ur-class Ferry is a general-purpose civilian transport created by Ahmida Civiltech in AR 844.

About the Ship

With the rise of interplanetary travel and the increasingly popularity of orbital habitats, Ahmida Civiltech recognized the need to provide a ferry service to the civilian populace, putting space travel further into the hands of the common person. It is a perfectly average, comfortable ferry capable of transport a few hundred passengers through space for short, in-system trips. Although the vessel might appear to be fragile at a glance, the Ur is sturdy and well armored due to its inclusion of high-grade metamaterial windows and ADNR armor, giving it durability comparable to a military vessel.

The standard make does not include faster-than-light capacity, but many models have been retrofitted with acceptably fast MASC Drives, as effective prices have dropped in recent years.

Key Features

  • Strong armor.
  • Large passenger capacity.
  • Large cargo capacity.
  • Comfort.

Mission Specialization

  • Interplanetary passenger transport.
  • Low-to-medium volume cargo transport.


Ac-L1-1a Ur-class Ferry

History and Background

With the majority of the Iromakuanhe population now living in space colonies and orbital cities over the three planetary bodies of the Iruotl System, Ahmida worked to design a reasonably comfortable transport ship that could be mass produced to carry a bulk volume of people to and from the colonies, doing away with the squalor of converted cargo haulers in favor of well-stocked, exotic-looking vessels with creature comforts that occasionally bordered on luxury. The vessel was commercial success, with many corporations purchasing them for their exclusive use and the wealthier citizens of the Commonwealth owning a handful of these golden sail-shaped vessels as private yachts.

As time went on, the Ur became a much-beloved symbol of the Iromakuanhe Golden Age1) and of the fine abilities of more conventional engineering. Although Ahmida produces very few of these vessels every year, it is sufficiently popular to earn them a profit in replacement components and their transport service is one of the mainstays of civilian space travel in the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth.

Statistics and Performance


Class: Ac-L1-01g 2) Ur-class Ferry Type: Civilian Transport Designers: Ahmida Civiltech Manufacturer: Ahmida Civiltech Production: Mass Production3) Fielded by: Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth


Total Crew: 230 Starship Operations and Command: 24 Medical and Maintenance: 22 Security: 80 Support Staff: 104

Passengers: 1120 Passengers Maximum Capacity: An additional 400 passengers may be taken aboard, but life support systems will be strained and require additional resources. Living space will be very cramped.


Length: 140 meters (459.3 feet) Width: 48 meters (157.4 feet) Height: 410 meters (1345.1 feet) Decks: 27 + Command Deck (2.2 meters each)

Propulsion and Range

Sublight Engines: .05c Range: 4 months. In practice, this number is moot as the vessels are regularly refueled and resupplied. Lifespan: 50 years Refit Cycle: Once a year.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 24
  • Shields: 18 (Threshold 3)


Standard Design: 12, 000, 000 KD Luxury Variant4): 14, 000, 000 KD Cruise Liner Variant5): 17, 000, 000 KD MASC Drive6): 8, 000, 000 KD

Inside the Ship

Deck Layout

Deck Sub-Compartments
Deck 0-1 Command Area, Bridge, Primary Communications Node
Deck 3 Armory, Infirmary, Crew Quarters, Engineering Access
Deck 4-10 First-class Passgengers, Luggage
Deck 11 Docking Port, Infirmary Station, Security Station
Deck 12-21 Economy-class Passengers
Deck 22-26 Cargo Section
Deck 27 Waste Disposal, Secondary Communications Node

Crew Areas

Passenger Areas

Commercial Areas

Ship Systems

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

Computers and Electronics

Emergency Systems

  • The Ur-class-class uses all of the following Emergency systems, with the exception of the Aerudirn Autosealing.

Life Support Systems



Shield Systems

Vehicle Complement


OOC Notes

Approved here.

Typically associated with the AR 800's.
7th Retrofit
Current numbers estimated at 11, 000
Adds handcrafted and detailed wood paneling and other luxury detailing to all inhabited sections of the ship
Cuts passenger capacity to one third, greatly expands interior and adds recreational facilities and passenger rooms
Adds 500c FTL drive.

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