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Vector Field System

The Vector Field System is an advanced space compression device that employs the manipulation, redirection and compression of space to create powerful impassable forcefield-type barriers. While good against all weapon types, they are especially effective at protecting from low-mass particles and electromagnetic weapons due to the bend of photons and low other density particles around these fields, and boast considerable resilience to disruption by subspace-based assault due to an alternative system of spatial distortion and electromagnetic interference due to the property of bending ambient photons away, in combination with the organic nature of the craft they are usually mounted on. The combined shield device employs a centralized shield emitter and multiple extender modules to create a multi-purpose array, ideal for the modern battlefield.

Standard mode follows the partially stealthed properties of the Vector Shroud, thereby sheathing the unit in a dense layer of compressed space to ward off attacks. When the Barrier system is activated, the emitter will extend and overcharge a small section of shield into a full-sized barrier, creating a distinct but connected section of shield. In gameplay, this means that the VBS and VSS share the same Shield Points, with the VBS being less stealthy and much stronger. This shield is generally good against all types of munitions, but is especially good against beam, radiation and particle weapons.

Organization: Astral Vanguard Government: Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth Designer: Solan Starwinds Manufacturer: Solan Starworks Name: Vector Field System Type: Shield Array

Shield Type Vector Shroud Vector Barrier
Shield Points Shared, Base Unit SP x1 (See Damage Ratings)
Threshold Shield SP x.1 (Round Down) +3 for Mecha (Max 5), +1 for Starships (Max 5)

Vector Shroud

The Vector Shroud is an advanced space compression field system employed by the Iromakuanhe, with combined usage as a stealth suite and shield device. It uses advanced technologies to encase the equipped craft in a layer of compressed space that bends away EM radiation and particles, and shrinks the multi-spectral profile of the unit. The resulting field makes the craft almost completely invisible to RADAR, LADAR and particle sensors and makes it appear much smaller to other systems. For defensive purposes, this layer of compressed space acts as a high-energy vector field (aka forcefield), preventing damage from hostile external forces. The Shroud also grants additional protection from directed energy weapons, by bending them away from the intended target through distortion-based lensing. This increases effective evasion rates on Astral Vanguard ships and can turn a potentially fatal blow into a glancing one.

Vector Barrier Shields

Vector Barriers are an offshoot of the Vector Shroud, that employ space compression fields to generate tough defensive barriers for short periods of time. These systems are significantly tougher than the main shields, but have limited runtimes due to increased power drain. These barriers draw energy from the Shroud, so damage taken to the Barrier Shields will be inflicted to the main shields.

OOC Notes

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