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Vector Wave Sensors

Since the advent of technologies such as advanced particle accelerators and space compression, it became obvious to the Iromakuanhe that space is malleable. All things are in constant flux, ebbing and flowing with the fundamental forces of the universe. The Vector Wave Sensor is a system that is capable of homing in on the anomalous spatial flux signatures made by artificial objects, such as starships, space vehicles and orbital facilities employing reactionless or FTL drives. Other detectable effects include spatial rifts, wormholes, pocket dimensions, gravitational fields and natural space compression. The space/time oscillations of these systems are particularly resonant to the Vector Wave Sensor's lenses.

The VWS is not adept at delivering large amounts of detail, but can be used as an early warning system. It can identify and locate signatures, but does not deliver any visual data to sensors.

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