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VSV Boutros

“Strike fearlessly into the darkness!” - Motto of the Boutros

Launched in late AR 936, the VSV Boutros was a So-C1-2a Vajra-class Cruiser put into service by the Astral Vanguard, constructed at the Mazerin Shipyard Cluster by Solan Starworks. Joining late in the War of Reclamation, the Boutros was unable to enter conflict with the enemy it had been designed to defeat. Instead, it spent its golden years protecting trade routes between Nepleslia and the Astral Cluster, and acting as diplomatic escort to foreign ship. The ship has seen more of the outside universe than almost any other ship in the Astral Vanguard.

In YE 36, the vessel crashed on Asura III after a diplomatic mission gone terribly awry.


The Boutros gets its name from a tragic hero in the tale of Mu'Klamal. Boutros was a Lieutenant in the armies of Mu'Klamal, and was renowned for his capabilities of tactical operations in conducting surprise attacks in ambushes. When ordered by the then enraged and crazed Mu'Klamal to assault the enemy directly, Boutros refused outright, knowing that such a move would massacre his men. With threats of death, the Mad General ordered his resistant lieutenant to press the assault, but Boutros stood firm. The two took to martial combat, but the general slew his opponent quickly.

Seeing this, Mu'Klamal's generals began the famed mutiny against their commander, beginning the bloodshed that eventually brought the mad Makuori to his knees. As the story goes, it is told that the shot that ended leader's life was one by a soldier who served under Boutros.


The ship's OMNI is named Garuda, and is known for being less personable than most OMNI.

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