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Ac-L2-01b Ys-class Trawler

The Ac-L2-01b Ys-class Trawler is a large-scale fishing barge created by Ahmida Civiltech in AR 874.

About the Ship

The Ys-class is a well-performing interplanetary fishing trawler designed for the harvesting of flora and fauna from natural or artificial aquatic environments. It boasts a capacity of several dozen small shuttles and aircraft for prospecting and fishing, and numerous pisciculture tanks that allow it to keep its cargo live. In a pinch, it can also be used to carry a bulk cargo of clean water for commerce.

Key Features

  • Large cargo capacity.
  • Carries repurposed Quodr for field operations.
  • Pisciculture tanks.
  • Able to submerge and float on water.

Mission Specialization

  • Fishing and food production.
  • Water transport.
  • Exploration of aquatic planets.


Ac-L2-01b Ys-class Fishing Trawler

History and Background

The Ys was designed as part of an initiative to move pisciculture and industrial-scale fishing off-world from the ecologically fragile regions of Hlarai and Maekardan and onto artificial environments that would be better controlled and harvested. In order to properly make use of those investments, a number of large-scale fisheries commissioned Ahmida to develop fishing vessels that could sample local undersea ecologies, catch fish on a massive scale and store them effectively for transport. A secondary feature and consequence of the large-scale 'live' holding tanks is the ability to re-purpose them for fish farming, so a ship may remain profitable during moratoriums or if the owner does not wish to engage in on-site fishing operations.

Like its predecessor, the Ur, the Ys is a comfortable and functional vessel with personnel quarters that compromise on space but not on comfort. Although less produced than the Ur, the Ys has a reputation for reliability and quality. Many of the ships produced in the AR 870's are still in operation now.

Statistics and Performance


Class: Ac-L2-01b Ys-class Trawler Type: Large Fishing Barge/Carrier Designers: Ahmida Civiltech Manufacturer: Ahmida Civiltech Production: Mass Production1) Fielded by: Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth


Total Crew: 230 Starship Operations and Command: 24 Medical and Maintenance: 22 Security: 80 Support Staff: 104

Maximum Capacity: An additional 400 passengers may be taken aboard, but life support systems will be strained and require additional resources. Living space will be very cramped.


Length: 611 meters (2005 feet) Width: 116 meters meters (381 feet) Height: 161 meters (528 feet) Decks: 11

Propulsion and Range

Atmospheric: 300 KM/H Surface: 80 KM/H Underwater: 40 KM/H

Sublight Engines: .05c Range: 8 months Lifespan: 80 years Refit Cycle: Once a year.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 25
  • Shields: 18 (Threshold 3)

Inside the Ship

Deck Layout

Deck Sub-Compartments
Deck 1 Bridge, Crew Quarters, Primary Communications Node
Deck 2 Lounge, Cafeteria, Locker Room, Storage Bay 1, Docking Port
Deck 3 - 11 Pisciculture Tanks, Storage Bays 2 - 10, Shuttle Bays, Engineering Access
Deck 4 Waste Disposal, Secondary Docking Port

Crew Areas

Commercial Areas

Ship Systems

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

Computers and Electronics

Emergency Systems

  • The Ur-class-class uses all of the following Emergency systems, with the exception of the Aerudirn Autosealing.

Life Support Systems



Shield Systems

Weapon Systems

Vehicle Complement


Utility Craft

OOC Notes

Approved here.

Roughly 5000 units produced and sold since AR 874.

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