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Kuvexian Military Footwear

One of the most basic but important pieces of equipment in any military is the footwear its soldiers wear on their feet. This article covers the footwear of the Kuvexian Military and Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia.

Kuvexians have somewhat large, rounded feet with short, spread-out toes. Human footwear is generally not suitable for Kuvexians and vice versa.

Field Shoes

The basic shoes issued to all Kuvexian soldiers have a canvas body with a black vulcanized rubber sole on the bottom and a cap on the front that covers the toes. They go to just above the ankle and are tightened with shoe laces that run through a series of 6 metal grommets (eyelets) on each side of the shoe's tongue.

The field shoes are decent and very cheap to produce. There are different varieties available for the various species the Kuvexians associate with.

Suction Boots

Officers also frequently use boots with automated section cup mechanisms on the bottom.

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