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Lorath Wine

Lorath wine is a very sweet fruit flavored wine (Most often cherry-like flavoring) which is fermented from fruits and berries which grow upon flowering plants found upon the majority of Lor's surface. The plants which bear the fruit used for the wine are the same plants which are harvested for the manufacture of the Awareness Altering Gum which has been produced by the Lorath since shortly after their conquest of the surface of Lor.

Due to the various strains of plants which bear the fruit used for the Lorath Wine, there are at least a dozen varieties of wines which have been produced in large quantity. Each of these wines carry a different flavor and a different impact upon the consumer's senses.

Often, the common wines which have been put into wide circulation upon Lor are derived from fruit which originates from a plant valued for its euphoria inducing properties. When fermented, these fruits carry on the same traits as the plant which they blossomed from. In many cases, individuals who take part in the consumption of this wine often find themselves in a very compromising situation when they recover from their intoxication.

Chemical Compounds Often Found In Lorath Wine

All Lorath wine contains generous quantities of Ethanol, often causing a typical light and fruit flavored serving to be equivalent to a shot of Nepleslian whiskey.

Often other compounds can be found in Lorath wines in various amounts dependent upon the fruit used for the production of the wine. Some of these chemicals include: Ethanamine, Tetrahydrocannabinol, Anandamide, Phenylethylamine (In various quantities).

Effect of Ingestion

The effect of Lorath wine upon an individual depends largely upon the individual, the quantity ingested, and the fruit of origin. Most of the time, Lorath wine bottles are sealed with a cork that has the effect of the contents of the bottle printed upon it.


Prior to the moonfall incident, a wide range of wines were produced along with various effects. Prior to the moonfall, a demand for a sedative-like effect was quite popular, shortly after, the demand for wine with a mood elevating effect became much more dominant.

Currently, prices of Lorath wine are dictated by the effect delivered by the wine. The price is often discussed by the bottle.


  • Sedative Types: 50 KS
  • Heavy Sedative Types: 100 KS
  • Mood Elevating Types: 150 KS
  • Aphrodisiac Types: 100 KS
  • Stimulant Types: 75 KS
  • Hallucinogenic Types: 200 KS
  • Custom Blend: 250 KS
  • Bottom-Of-The-Barrel (A sometimes dangerous mixture of leftover wine from the bottling process): 25 KS

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