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Caste Title: The Fyunnen (lit. The Warrior) Caste Colors: Red Caste Symbol: A sword, ax, and spear laid in a star formation over a shield Caste Purpose: Lorath Matriarchy defense, specialist combat force Leader: Currently Sen’yhty "Fate" Fyunnen until the heir Lumuham Lrnec'Cdyn "Obelisk" Fyunnen finishes her first tour of duty. Caste Political Standing: Military Matriarchy Population: 6.8 billion, 3:1 female to male gender ratio

General Overview

The Fyunnen caste are the stalwart defenders of the Lorath people, first to fight, last to flee and always willing to lay their lives for their countrymen. One noticeable thing about the Fyunnen is that it is almost completely dominated by the females of the caste. Long has the caste maintained their gender superiority from selective breeding and eugenics. The Fyunnen are the caste most encountered by outsiders since most merchants are located in their quarter of Lorath cities. As such, most people have learned that the Fyunnen are the most upfront and frank people of the four castes.

Fyunnen Physiology

If one was told that Bigger was better, then that person would be a Fyunnen. Through selective breeding and careful genetic manipulation, the Fyunnen caste boasts the largest and strongest specimens of the entire Lorath genus. General female range from six feet to upwards of eight and a half feet tall and between two hundred and four hundred pound. While the males are smaller, due to their lesser standing then the females, they are still substantially taller and bulkier then your standard Yamataian, standing between five foot nine and seven feet tall, and between one hundred and eighty to three hundred pounds. The general Fyunnen hair style is either elaborate braids and ponytails, or short cropped styles with small β€œtails” and are dyed with the caste's color of red.


The Fyunnen are a strictly militaristic society and life is reflected in that every female of the entire caste is required to serve a term of military service of a minimum of ten years before they are considered to be a productive member of the caste. After they serve their minimum tour, they are given a choice of continuing, which many agree to do, or discharging to civilian life. Of the three castes the Fyunnen are the most superstitous, generally preforming small rituals to ward off bad luck and unfavorable conditions just preceding, or following battle.


Unlike the Lmanel, the Occhestians, or the Tur'Lista, The Fyunnen have little in their genomic structure that directly sets them on the same field as Shape shifting, Telepathy or the Ruling castes general superior genetic construction. In their need to proove they're just as strong as their fellow caste, Fyunnen scientists and medical professionals have designed and implamented several forms of cybernetics that have allowed them to keep a professional edge in the realm of combat and medicine. Nearly all combat worthy Fyunnen soldier have been augmented with various forms of cybernetic components ranging from simple tissue augmentation, to full skeletal replacement.

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