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Lorath History

Pre-Yamataian contact

Before the race's contact with Yamatai, the Lorath ruled the planet. But it was not always this way. The Lorath were once exiled to live below ground for five thousand years. This exile came about from Helashio, due to a famine that stretched the already rough relations between the two races. With their overwhelming numbers, the Helashio were able to force the Lorath underground, cutting them off from their land and their skies.

During their years of exile, the Lorath fought many wars between themselves, eventually splitting into three houses. Bitter at those that exiled them and unable to do anything about it at the time, they turned on each other. Wars raged for decades between the three houses, which led to the fourth house, Tur'Lista's, creation. With the creation of House Tur'Lista, all three houses contributed to it until it was a blending of the three houses into one, so they would have no tie to any house, and no overpowering gene from any of the houses.

With the new leadership, the Lorath were able to pull together and unite to turn their energies toward retaking the surface. With years of planning and great advances in technology, the Lorath were able to launch their attack. With a coordinated attack they were able to destroy each clan of Helashio one-by-one until there was little resistance. It was around the time of the current ruler's birth that the last remnants of any resistance formed together and began to fight back. By the time the two siblings took over, the Helashio had been crushed and forced into slavery completely, the last of the race finally under the Lorath thumb.

During & Post Yamataian Contact

It was after the Lorath had established control and dominance of the surface that again they would be tossed upside down in a shocking turn of events.

During the twenty-ninth year of the Lorath's dominance over the surface they made contact with a new race and empire, the Yamataian Star Empire. The first contact between the two empires was rough to say the least. A Lorath Fyunnen involved in the death of Ketsurui Hanako 1), as well as a rough negotiation between Sydney Rufus and the Royals of the Lorath, it was a shaky time for the Lorath and the planet Lor even. Eventually through more level headed people, the incident was able to be resolved and soon enough the Royal siblings were on thier ways to Yamatai to meet with Uesu himself to discuss the treaty.

Few terms were negotiated over during the treaty signing with Uesu and the Lorath Royal siblings. This does not mean that it exactly went well either. Arguments over the Helashio race and thier extent of slavery was the largest issue, with Lor eventually giving in and setting most of the race over a eriod of eight years. With the treaty signed and some tech in thier hands, the two Lorath made thier way home.

A small uneventful time would pass on Lor, everyone getting used to the new rules and the such before the first attack on Lor happened. With the alliance with Yamatai, the Lorath were dragged into the war between the YSA and the Mishhu forces which would prove disastrous for the planet Lor.

Contacted by the Mishhu and all communications to Yamatai cut due to their equipment, the Lorath were forced to play host to the enemy lest they risk something a bit more destructive in denying them any hospitality. During thier stay on Lor, the Royal siblings arranged for a banquet to be held, and a ritual of acceptance to be performed. The Mishhu's champion bested the Lorath's champion in the end, and the fake Kotori, who was the Mishhu champion, promised Xiaah Destiny a day to speak with her advisers and the heads of the other houses, to talk about a deflection and turning to the Mishhu's help.

That help seemed to be nothing more then a false hope, only a way to draw in the YSA to attack. With the offer of speaking with the queen and a few others on the ship, Destiny accepted and went aboard the Mishhu battleship. As they went aboard they became hostages and were used to draw the YSS Sakura in, bringing Hanako and a small crew aboard. During the ensuing battle much of Lor was destroyed as the Mishhu teleported in a moon and dropped it on Lor. With the Star Army fleets around they were able to stop a better part of the moon from crashing into the surface.

After the Mishhu force had been driven from the Lorath space the repair and rescue had began. Much of Lor had been demolished in the attack and many of the race lay dead. It was a difficult time for the planet which began to press the Helashio into the normal society more and more. With the additional help they were able to start recovering the planet, figuring out what all had been destroyed and what would be able to be recovered.

After recovery began and was in full swing, the planet was again visited by the Sakura. It was during this visit that a nightly stay with the queen Destiny, that Taisa Hanako began a scandal which was actually pressed by Destiny. During an investigation into Taisa Hanako by the Occhestans they uncovered the scandal. When the Tur'lista discovered that the scandal had been found out by members of the Occhestans, they acted swiftly to try and suppress any and all Occhestans they could, arresting vast swaths of Occhestans(an order eventually rescinded, but not before the backlash started), and ransacking Occhestan offices and labs that were in the Matriarchy capital. The matriarchy government already unpopular with the majority of Occhestans lost most of it remaining support among the Occhestans when reports of the oppression coming in a on various Occhestan news channels. In an attempt to further suppress the Occhestans and prevent any information for getting out the Tur'Lista sen out two armed detachments of soldiers out toward Occhestan facilities. The Occhestan Prime Miniser reacted to protect the facilities and Occhestan citizens from the matriarchy and ordered newly acquired ships (purchased from the YSE)which were still under Occhestan control to fire on and destroy the first detachment of troops, the second detachment was called off soon after.

During a meeting aboard the Sakura mediated by Taisa Hanako, Prime Minister Zvevda'Esjat 'Truth' Occhesta confronted the Xiaah about the scandal and also demanded the she stop all actions against Occhestans. The Xiaah initially refused both to stop her actions against the Occhestans and to personally reveal her scandal. Seeing the great differences between the Occhestans and the Matriarchy the Prime Minister decided that it was best to cut all ties between the Occhestans and the Matriarchy government. The matriarchy later consented to the Prime Minister that she would accept the Occhestans departure on the condition that the Prime Minister not reveal her scandal and with the promise that she would reveal it to the Lorath people herself in due time. She then declared rather meaninglessly that the Occhestans were to be exiled from Lor and Lorath space, the irony being that the entire race was already preparing a mass exodus from their home world which would soon be overrun by the Mishhuvurthyar making the statement largely meaningless, notwithstanding the fact that the Occhestans controlled the vast majority of the Lorath space fleet and could have terminally retaliated against any hostile action by the Matriarchy. While there were a few attempts the retaking of the Lorath ships from the Occhestans was not very successful. All of the newly purchased ships were directly controled by the Occhestans with fully Occhestan crews, even the among the older Lorath built ships the majority were unable be retaken by the relatively small complements of Matriarchy-loyal Fynneun and Lamnel compared to the much larger numbers of Occhestans that were present on the ships and required to run them effectively if it all.

About a third of the Lorath race went with the Occhestans as well as a third of the Helashio. With the departure of the Occhestans, a race for the rest of the Lorath to escape the Mishhuvurthyar began.

With the Occhestans gone, the remaining Lorath turned their focus toward a mass exodus of the reamining of their race off of Lor. With the aid of the Fifth fleet of the YSA, the Lorath have began to move off their planet and twoards a newer system to the east.

Post Exodus

After their departure from the Lor system, the Lorath were permitted to settle two star systems found in the Yugumo Cluster. These systems were the Nyli System and Hici'emi System. The Hici'Emi system was designated to be initially utilized as a Helashio preserve, at least on one of the planets. The Nyli system became the primary settlement for the Lorath. The third planet of the Nyli system was selected to be utilized as the primary colony.

During the Lorath Matriarchy's resettlement, political and personal ties were formed between the 5th Expeditionary Fleet and the Lorath Matriarchy, thus creating friendly relations between the two groups which far surpassed the relations which were previously displayed between the Lorath and the central government of Yamatai. Due to these relations, the Lorath have volunteered to assist the 5th XF in their efforts to fight the Mishhu, and to secure the Yugumo Cluster from outside threats.

Shortly after the Yugumo Cluster's settlement was underway, announcements were made by the Star Army of Yamatai that a combined military effort would be made against the SMX in three separate star systems. As the 5th XF and Lorath Self Defense Force moved into position, the SMX made their own move, finding their way to Nepleslian space. The resulting situation led to a revelation which drove the 5th XF's Taisho Katsuko to meet with the then Emperor Uesu.

The course of the meeting was quite straight forward, and erratic, however, the result was that Uesu elected to step down from his position, and designate Katsuko as the new Empress of Yamatai. Due to this development, the relations between the Lorath Matriarchy and Yamatai have been greatly improved, resulting in an increased spirit of cooperation between the two peoples.

Unfortunately, the change in leadership was short lived. Within months, Empress Katsuko was forced to step down from the throne due to political embarassments. This event resulted in a Ketsurui leader to accend to the throne. Due to the past history between the Lorath and the Ketsurui, the Lorath decided to leave the Yamatai Empire and join the newly founded United Outer Colonies. After joining the colonies, the Lorath began a massive advancement and construction campaign to ensure their survival and prevent yet another age of being held under the thumb of an invading force.

During the Lorath's time of developing their space forces and civilization, the Matriarchy was blessed with the birth of two new members for the royal family. However, not long after, an attempt was made upon the Xiaah's life. Investigation into the attack led the Matriarchy to conclude that the Occhestians were behind the assault. Having survived the attempt, the Xiaah and High Priest gave their command to find the Occhestians, and remove them from being a threat.

In YE 32, the Lorath Matriarchy successfully tracked and eliminated the Occhestian Separatists from their fortified strongholds in the northern section of charted space. During the process of removing the Occhestian threat, extensive measures were taken to remove the last of the Occhestian insurgents, guaranteeing that future conflicts would not arise. While the Separatists were eliminated, the Occhestian Republic, which maintains friendly relations with the Matriarchy, was spared.

Current Lorath Year;

12,310th Year Of The Goddess

Post Exile 549

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