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LSDF Weapon Locker Room

The LSDF designed weapon locker room compartment is intended to serve as a weapon supply area for remote portions of large starships, near command or key areas, or other such applications. These compartments are intended to be fielded by the LSDF and affiliates.


The weapon locker compartment has been designed to serve as a source of armament for crews aboard LSDF ships which may find themselves separated from a dedicated armory. These lockers are intended to be placed adjacent to compartments which are crewed and which may be at risk in the event of combat operations.

Each weapon locker compartment has been designed to include Nerimium clad Duremium Alloy bulkheads, which also include gravitational field regulators which effectively protects the locker from a decent sum of weapons fire and scalar emissions. Doors to access the weapon locker compartment are forcefield enhanced and require a biometric scan and pass-code to have access granted.

Standard Compliment

Note: Deployment Ready Weapons Include Four (4) Magazines Of Ammunition / Battery Packs, Storage Shelves Also Include Four (4) Portable First Aid Kit and Four (4) Canteen Kits

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