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LSDF Small Munition Magazine

The LSDF designed small munition magazine is intended to serve as a depository for ammunition intended for personnel operated arms, small crew served arms, small-size PA, and small vehicles. This compartment is intended to be fielded by the LSDF and affiliates.


The small arms munition magazine has been designed to serve as a secure and safe munitions depository where large quantities of ammunition are stored and is provided at request to armories throughout a given ship or installation. The ammunition magazine is designed to incorporate standard armory safeguards such as Nerimium-Duremium Alloy-Boron Carbide bulkheads, gravitational regulators, and forcefields. Along with the structural safeguards, the magazine requires a biometric scan and pass-code to have access granted.

Along with serving as a storage place for ammunition, additional munitions can be manufactured within this compartment through the use of a manufacturing compartment located adjacent to the storage compartment. The manufacturing compartment allows for the manufacture of Lorath designed solid munitions, missiles, and energy weapon power supplies. The compartment also includes a shielded antimatter supply tap.

Ammunition is supplied to armories by pneumatic transport tube, ship lift network, or by magnetic rail system depending on distance and sensitivity of materials.

Ammunition Compliment

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