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LSDF Large Secondary Armory

The LSDF designed large secondary armory is intended to be a secondary arms storage compartment which is suitable for large starships, stations, and other structures. These compartments are to be fielded by the LSDF and affiliates.


The large secondary armory has been designed to serve as a crew-friendly source of equipment and supplies in the event of a combat operation. Weapons are stored neatly within lockers which require a biometric and password confirmation for access. Stored weapons are kept beneath the deck-plates of the armory to provide optimal space conservation. The large secondary armory is a one-floor thirty meter wide, thirty meter long, and five meter tall compartment.

The structure of the large secondary armory consists of a Nerimium external layer, boron carbide middle layer, Duremium Alloy interior layer, with a middle interior portion influenced by gravitational and precision electromagnetic fields which effectively make the armory into a well shielded bottle which would be able to endure a sizable portion of weapons fire or scalar emissions. The hatch for the large secondary armory is composed of the same layering as the bulkhead structures, yet also includes an external forcefield projector. Access to the armory is controlled by biometric confirmation, pass-code confirmation, and Pico-Jelly key.

Standard Compliment

Note: Deployment Ready Weapons Include Four (4) Magazines Of Ammunition / Battery Packs, Storage Shelves Also Include Four (4) Portable First Aid Kit and Four (4) Canteen Kits

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