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LSDF Engineering Manufacturing Compartment

The engineering manufacturing compartment has been designed to serve as a manufacturing and supply room for engineering related purposes. These compartments are intended to be fielded by the LSDF and affiliates.


Often on deployment supplies tend to run out, and equipment often needs to be repaired or even redesigned without the aid of a dedicated supply base. This need was recognized by the LSDF when they designed the engineering manufacturing compartment. This ten meter cube room is designed to serve the needs of engineers by providing equipment and supplies for repairs and innovations. This room is also connected to a Lazarus AL100 Universal Constructor/Machine shop to provide optimal manufacturing capabilities.


The engineering manufacturing compartment has been designed to include several features which allow for the construction of new equipment within the confines of the chamber.

  • High Detail Pico-Jelly Design Interface and Dispenser.
  • Nanoconstruction Bay Technology.
  • Robotic arm assisted heavy material lifting and manipulation.
  • Remote Neural Interface System compatibility
  • Energy-To-Matter Converter System
  • Gravity manipulation support
  • Precision plasma and laser welding and cutting systems
  • Atmosphere pressure and composition regulation

Along with these features, the manufacturing compartment includes an adjoining room, this room houses pre-fabricated components, engineering equipment, first aid supplies, and a number of portable data pads for hand-held interface compatibility. This room also serves as a control room when conducting manufacturing operations which would pose a hazard to crew within the manufacturing chamber.

The manufacturing compartment is connected to the surrounding compartments through lift shafts for both personnel and equipment. Access to the manufacture compartment is regulated by the need of a password and biometric confirmation prior to the doors of the room being opened. During hazardous manufacture, the doors are unable to be opened to allow for passage of crew into the compartment. Use of the manufacturing system also relies on a password and biometric confirmation prior to use.

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