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LSDF Engineering Utility Access and Monitoring

The engineering utility access and monitoring room is designed to serve as a monitoring and access point dedicated to the utilities which may be found in a starship, station, or other installation. These rooms are designed to be utilized by the LSDF and affiliates.


Designed to be a primary tool in the maintaining of complex utility systems, the utility access and monitoring room is designed to allow engineers the capability to access key utilities which would require repair or maintenance.


Power Utilities Access Room

The power utility access is essentially a room which looks in upon a number of power relays, and provides access to utility shafts which would provide access to specific points in a power grid. These rooms include storage compartments for engineering supplies, first aid supplies, and protective clothing. Along with the supplies included in this room, a control panel is also included in the bulkhead of the monitoring room which includes a reconfigurable flat panel interface, Pico-Jelly and volumetric display, Neural Interface System compatibility, and password reliant security.

For safety purposes, the bulkheads of this room are constructed from Nerimium, boron carbide, and an insulating layer of plastic Pico-Jelly.

Biological & Material Utilities Access Room

The biological utility access is a room which provides access to key biological and material related utilities. This room provides access to the plumbing of the ship which provides key utilities which include:

  • Pico-Jelly Pumping
  • Water delivery and recycling
  • Sewage handling
  • Air recycling
  • Waste material handling and reprocessing
  • Hazardous waste disposal systems
  • Raw material delivery systems
  • Chemical supply routing

To monitor these essential systems, a control panel like that which is found in the power utilities version of this room is included, however, this version of the panel is larger and provides a greater degree of control and monitoring. Along with the increased precision, the panel also includes a self-cleaning surface which is designed to remove pathogens and grime which may accumulate during intensive use while conducting system maintenance.

Along with the interface this room also includes a complex atmosphere processing and regulation system which removes excess odors and toxins from the air, a utility cabinet like that which is found in the power monitoring room, and an emergency panel which allows for the flushing of specific utility systems which are watched over by the specific room which is assigned to monitor the given portion of the utility grid… thus preventing an excessive flush of the system beyond the scope of the single monitoring room.

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