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LSDF Massive Launch Bay

Intended only for the largest of ships, in certain installations, and space stations which are in standard service to the Lorath Self Defense Force, massive launch bays are not intended for conventional vehicles, instead they are used for the launching of relatively small starships, often ranging in size up to a 'Gunship' classification, and in very rare cases, up to a 'Cruiser' category. These launch bays are often kept void of atmosphere, and have enough space to allow for stored ships to hover within the space of the launch bay. Alternatively, ships which are unable to hover due to design or damage can be suspended by a series of large docking clamps. Massive launch bays also incorporate starship maintenance and resupply features in many cases. Massive launch bays incorporate a series of magnetic servo and mechanical driven bay doors, and exterior and interior defenses which vary by application. Launch bay doors include forcefield systems to prevent atmosphere leakage in the event of bay door malfunction.

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