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LSDF Magazine Room โ€“ Medium

Designed for the manufacture, storage, and loading of Lorath solid munitions into ship-integrated weapon systems, the medium variant of the magazine room is intended for handling mid-range Lorath munitions in the 40mm โ€“ 90mm range. Magazine rooms utilize a series of automated loading features, mainly relying upon fast-moving mechanical arms, alternatively, munitions can be manually loaded in the event of auto-loading failure. In medium sized magazine rooms, manufacturing of munitions is limited to the materials provided from alternate sources such large magazine rooms, or dedicated fabrication systems. Medium magazine rooms only supply their own antimatter to be loaded into warheads which are being manufactured by the magazine room systems. Magazine rooms are protected by a dual-layer Nerimium and boron-carbide 'box', which also incorporates a layered structure system which functions as a Faraday cage to prevent electromagnetic interference. Additional protection for the magazine room includes exterior and interior gravitic regulation, and conformal EM forcefields.

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